Montreal Memoria #02

I was sitting in a corner of the starbucks coffee  near by Mc Gill University and utterly lost. My world turned into empty: “the way i see it” (montreal, 2006)

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Montreal Memoria #01

Garage sale mixed art installation. Another afternoon walk by the street of Montreal

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Illusion of Control

What has happened in this country concerning to some incidents at Cikeusik, Temanggung, and recently in Pasuruan it does really a cowardly attitude. Shame on you guys!

We have seen how the ego wants to fix, to make things perfect, to reorder someone else’s life, and above all, to do something to maintain the illusion of control. We ve also seen that in order to grow in our capacity to care for others, a completely different response is required. We need to take time to sit still, quiet the mind, and listen deeply.

In Gandhi’s words, “Action without contemplations is Blind”

Don’t they get the point?


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Di dalam mimpiku,
kamu adalah milikku.
Di dalam hidupku,
kamu adalah mimpiku.

happy valentine’s day!

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Kecintaanku akan hidup kembali menyeruak.

Rasaku begitu menjulang.

Bukan tentang dia atau aku.

Tapi tentang kita dan itu cukup.

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What we experience with and within ourselves, our conscious acts spring from our desires and our fears. Intuition tells us that. We all try to escape pain, while we seek what is pleasant.


another morning

“Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within yourself so that you can hear it in others.



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